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Your Pillow Watches You at Night

Alethea Everard and Jake Kent
19 May - 23 June

In the midst of cramped and crumbling cities, being unable to be either contained in our skulls or put to action, dreams boil over and, vapourised, come piping out of our ears like hot steam. They coat the pillows we sleep on, settling there, or, lifted by a smoggy breeze, go trailing out the window, gobbled up by the violet night sky.


Jake Kent (*1990) is an artist from Staffordshire, UK, who lives and works in Berlin.

His practice centres on subcultural movements and their present day potential as antagonists and alternatives to the capitalist status quo. The materials he uses in his ceramic works reflect his interest in things which run counter to the norm: the works are faux-glazed using hobby watercolour sets, crayons, and oil pastels. When combined with found scrap materials, the sculptural ceramics are sometimes transformed into light boxes.

Alethea Everard (*1994)
is an artist from Melbourne, Australia.

Her practise comprises assemblage wall works, paintings and installations to work between the detritus of everyday life and references to the overlapping conversations of city aesthetic.

Curation and text by Ella Krivanek.
Exhibition documentation by Thomas Krüger.