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Marina Orellano Jewellery
Tea Stražičič Illustrations and Prints

Open 12-3pm on Thursdays, 1-4pm on Saturdays, and by appointment. 

Holden Garage
Biebricher Straße 14
12053 Berlin

DM @holden.garage

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Ground floor, one step access, single width doorway.
Seating available on request.
Emails for more detailed accessibility information and requests are welcome.

Boddinstraße (U8)
Hermannplatz (U7, U8, 171, 194, M29, M41)
Hermannstraße (104, 166)

Holden Garage is an art space in Berlin, Germany founded by Australian curator, Ella Křivánek.

A platform for artists based in Europe to have their work presented alongside geographically distant practitioners, the programme places particular focus on transnational exibitions.

Like a sleek automobile, the whole is most aerodynamic when the constituent parts come together. The curatorial position is not just the juxtaposition or description of the artists’ works, but the synthesis of different practices for the creation of a discrete new entity.

Ocean borders make cross-pollination difficult, but the lack of constant, osmotic contact between far apart lands permits different tangents to develop in each. For the one side, the other always appears somewhat exotic, like a rare hothouse flower.

Far apart countries are isolated from each other in both directions - they from others, others from them - and distortions appear, like the lens that is a raindrop. The unfamiliar pricks up one's ears, causing a heightened sensitivity and watchfulness. To be alert to the artwork feels like a necessity.

Combining these different but not inharmonious strains, the one as the backdrop to the other, is like placing a contrasting drape behind an object, allowing its curves and edges to sharpen in heightened contrast. In concert, the sum of their parts is a purring racing machine, tuned for maxxx horse power.

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