New exhibition opens June 29th

A Patience Game

Jürgen Baumann and Spencer Lai
7 July - 1 September

The present is a waiting room now.

Spirits of the past saunter about. You’re waiting for a doctor, a teacher, or is it a hiring manager about to interview you for your next job. Or are you a travelling sales agent about to pitch something to a retail buyer.

You thought you put on a snazzy suit this morning but you look down and recognise some thrifted clothes that bestie helped you pick out. You scratch your knee through the hole in ripped jeans. It’s itchy from a rash that won’t go away.

You hope your therapist arrives soon from the door in the wall. You’ll talk to her about how your eczema is caused by stress from your childhood trauma and/or the dust that keeps coming out of your computer.


Jürgen Baumann (*1988) is an artist from Winterthur, Switzerland who continues to live and work there. His work draws on elements from Gothic, Art Nouveau and fantasy. Using a rudimentary deep-drawing process and elaborate casting techniques, Baumann moves into the realms of sculpture and installation, as well as drawing.

Spencer Lai (*1990)
is an artist born in Malaysia, who lives and works in Melbourne, Australia. They research contemporary consumer culture through the lens of fashion, products, typography, design and modern folklore.

Curation and text by Ella Krivanek.
Exhibition documentation by Thomas Krüger.

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